AIX – ODM Object Classes

AIX – ODM Device Configuration Object Classes

A list of the ODM Device Configuration Object Classes follows:

Predefined Devices

Predefined Connection

Predefined Attribute

Configuration Rules

Customized Devices

Customized Dependency

Customized Attribute

Customized Device Driver

Customized Vital Product Data

1 thought on “AIX – ODM Object Classes”

  1. Hi,

    it’s beeen a long time but there’s also a very important env var that points to the directory with the ODM, by default /etc/objrepo.
    This var is read by an automated script called savebase which is triggered by most medium&highlevel commands in AIX. (The lowlevel ones don’t respect the ODM)

    The thing is you can have multiple repositories (interesting) and, worse, if you boot from rescue media and chroot into your OS then you MUST avoid that the savebase copies your in-memory ODM to the one on disk. I didn’t, and after reboot it’ll greet you with a warm and friendly “Welcome to localhost.localdomain”

    If you find this stuff interesting, look for a training called AIX LVM & Troubleshooting pt. 2 (no need to bother with the prior parts)

    Florian (who came here by a completely different topic:)

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