Neoware Thin Client – Password Recovery

Personally I tried this procedure on Neoware e140 wich run Neolinux 2.x but i think it’s the some with other models or os version:

1. Power on the thin client

2. Press ‘SHIFT’ during boot procedure

3. Now you can get LILO prompt, type: ‘vga simple’ (I have tried without success to run directly init=/bin/bash the system start but don’t load correctly the filesystem on flashdrive)

4. After kernel starting up procedure you can’t see nothing, then you can jump on terminal 2 pressing ‘ALT + F2’

5. Now on bash# prompt simply digit ‘passwd’ for setup new password

6. Reboot the system and use your new password

GRUB – Init Shell

Sometime in case of root password lost or file system corruption, you need to boot system with simple shell, skipping the init sequence.

1. At Grub prompt press ‘e’ to edit command before booting.

2. Select ‘kernel’ line

3. Press ‘e’ again to edit selected command

4. Type follow at end of the line: init=/bin/bash (or sh)

5. Press ‘b’ to boot system

6. Now you are at shell prompt. Enjoy