AIX LPAR – CDROM device relase

When AIX will not release /dev/cd0 device (after umount any associted filesystems), and you get busy device error on dlpar operations, use this command to kill all processes that take busy resource:

# fuser -k -x -u -c /dev/cd0

Usually in pSeries hardware configuration is connected to a scsi controller by scsi-to-ide/sas/sata or other terrible solution bridge.

To made all this operation faster you can identify pci parent adapter and remove recursively all device.


# lsdev -l cd0 -F parent
# lsdev -l scsi0 -F parent
# lsdev -l sisscsia0 -F parent


# rmdev -Rdl pci10
cd0 deleted
ses0 deleted
scsi0 deleted
sisscsia0 deleted
pci10 deleted

Then you can move the controller from HMC to another LPAR