AIX – loopmount

Finally on aix 6.1 ibm have introduced mounting of iso directly without raw copy on lv:

Check if necessary loopback device is available

# lsdev -C | grep loop

if nothing returned, run:

# mkdev -c loopback -s node -t loopback
loop0 Available

If the device is not present on system you get this error:

1320-003 loopmount: Specified loopback device is not found in ODM

Now for mount:

# loopmount -i /iso/dvd.iso -l loop0 -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt/dvd

And umount:

# loopumount -l loop0 -m /mnt/dvd

Attention: an image file can be associated with only one loopback device.