Recovery HFS partition table

First think, scan your damage disk with a tool like “testdisk” ( look for lost partitions, unfortunately HFS is not fully supported by this great tool, then you need to use pdisk or other partition software.

Disk /dev/rdisk3 – 1000 GB / 931 GiB – CHS 121601 255 63
Partition Start End Size in sectors
>P HFS 262208 1953525151 1953262944

In my case, I’ve used pdisk directly on OS X:

leobook4-w:~ root# pdisk /dev/rdisk3
pdisk: No valid block 1 on ‘/dev/rdisk3’
Edit /dev/rdisk3 –
Command (? for help): i
A physical block is 512 bytes:
A logical block is 512 bytes:
size of ‘device’ is 1953525168 blocks (512 byte blocks):
new size of ‘device’ is 1953525168 blocks (512 byte blocks)
Command (? for help): c
First block: 262208
Length in blocks: 1953262944
Name of partition: recover_leo
Command (? for help): w
Writing the map destroys what was there before. Is that okay? [n/y]: y
The partition table has been altered!

Command (? for help): q

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