VIO – iso virtual DVD

Example of PowerVM virtual dvd setup:

login: padmin
padmin's Password:
1 unsuccessful login attempt since last login.
Last unsuccessful login: Mon Jan 31 18:51:28 CST 2011 on /dev/vty0
Last login: Mon Jan 31 18:28:29 CST 2011 on /dev/vty0

$ mkrep -sp rootvg -size 10G
Virtual Media Repository Created
Repository created within "VMLibrary" logical volume
$ mkvopt -name 6_1_6osp.iso -dev cd0 -ro
$ mkvdev -vadapter vhost1 -fbo -dev vcd1
vcd0 Available
$ loadopt -vtd vcd0 -disk 6_1_6osp.iso
$ unloadopt -vtd vcd0

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