AIX – Warning, savebase failed

0516-1734 extendlv: Warning, savebase failed. Please manually run ‘savebase’ before rebooting.

If you run savebase -v and you get “non-bootable LV name given” try reconstucting your /dev/ipldevice file.

Run savebase -v again and if you get the same error, try follow procedure:

# bosboot -ad /dev/hdiskX (a disk that has hd5 on it)
# bosboot -ad /dev/hdiskY (a disk that has hd5 on it)
# ipl_varyon -i

[You’ll get a return on every physical disk on the system]

You will then get a return similar to this:

# savebase -v

saving to ‘/dev/hd5’
99 CuDv objects to be saved
240 CuAt objects to be saved
44 CuDep objects to be saved
51 CuVPD objects to be saved
407 CuDvDr objects to be saved
5 CuPath objects to be saved
0 CuPathAt objects to be saved
0 CuData objects to be saved
0 CuAtDef objects to be saved
Number of bytes of data to save = 49587
Compressing data
Compressed data size is = 12069
bi_start = 0x3600
bi_size = 0x1820000
bd_size = 0x1800000
ram FS start = 0x8d6ca0
ram FS size = 0xea34cf
sba_start = 0x1803600
sba_size = 0x20000
sbd_size = 0x2f29
Checking boot image size:
new save base byte cnt = 0x2f29
Wrote 12073 bytes
Successful completion

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