April 2010

Cisco – service config

Randomly, during bootup of Cisco hardware (IOS), error messages similar to these are displayed:

%Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)

%Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)

%Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)

%Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)

These error messages are related to the default service configuration option built into Cisco IOS software, which attempts to access the service configuration files from a network Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server.

In order to disable this feature, issue the no service config global command.

Router#config terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.

Router(config)#no service config


Router#copy running-config startup-config

Cisco – ATM Clockrate

If you have performance problem on Cisco 1721, Cisco 2610XM-2651XM, Cisco 2691, and Cisco 3660, with WIC-1DSL – IOS 12.3(2) or above, probably depends on the default value associated with ALL5 clockrate.

If yuo wanna check type the following command on your router:

hellroute01#show controller atm0/0 | include ATM0/0
Interface: ATM0/0, Hardware: DSLSAR (with Alcatel ADSL Module), State: up
SCC0 = 2600000 (ATM0/0)
SCC3 = 1000000 (ATM0/0)

If you get 2600000 (default value) on SCC0 or SCC1 your downlink speed rate probably is limitated at about 300 KB/s

For get full speed, put max supported value on aal5 clockrate like this:

hellroute01(config)#int atm0/0
hellroute01(config-if)#clock rate aal5 ?
2600000 (default)

<1000000-7000000> clock rates in bits per second, choose one from above

hellroute01(config-if)#clock rate aal5 7000000

Becareful the atm interface is automatically restart for apply the change. Then you lost connection on this interface.

OpenVMS – IPv6

Memo about configure ipv6 on OpenVMS system as host mode:

First of all invoke the TCPIP$IP6_SETUP command procedure by entering the following command:


Leaving default option to all question, in this mode the dcl create default configuration script.

Then edit the inet6 script:


After the “up” command

$ ifconfig "IE0" ipv6 up

Append the following line with ip and default gateway:

$ ifconfig "IE0" inet6 ip6prefix 2001:1418:0193:0001::40/64
$ route add -inet6 default 2001:1418:0193:0001::250 -"I" "IE0"

Save, exit and run the dcl:


CentOS – IPv6 interface

You need to update and configure following files for IPv6 configuration:

1. Edit: /etc/sysconfig/network

And append following line, to enable in systemwide the ipv6 protocol:


2. Edit: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 (or your interface number)

And append following line, to enable ipv6 on interface and the address/gateway if you use static routing:


Save, close and restart network service:

# service network restart

Neoware Thin Client – Password Recovery

Personally I tried this procedure on Neoware e140 wich run Neolinux 2.x but i think it’s the some with other models or os version:

1. Power on the thin client

2. Press ‘SHIFT’ during boot procedure

3. Now you can get LILO prompt, type: ‘vga simple’ (I have tried without success to run directly init=/bin/bash the system start but don’t load correctly the filesystem on flashdrive)

4. After kernel starting up procedure you can’t see nothing, then you can jump on terminal 2 pressing ‘ALT + F2’

5. Now on bash# prompt simply digit ‘passwd’ for setup new password

6. Reboot the system and use your new password